Dragon's Day Dream


Dragon wonders what it would be like to be his friend Mailmouse. He imagines himself lugging around her big mail bag to deliver letters and parcels - and realizes it's very tiring work. Aafter that he imagines he's Beaver, chewing trees, building things, telling people what to do. He's having so much fun, he then imagines he's Alligator, dancing and pounding away on his bongos, making an incredible racket. He makes such a racket he gives himself a terrible headache! Finally, he imagines what it would be like to be his friend Ostrich in her Super Hero character . He does her super hero dance, her super hero yodel, and is very pleased when he rescues a flower! Dragon has lots of fun imagining, and is glad he has such good and different friends. But now, Dragon is just going to be Dragon.