Rebeka in Estonia


Rebecca lives on a very old farm in Estonia. Her parents have turned it into an organic farm. In the springtime, there’s a lot of work to do. She helps her father to plant potatoes and collect honey from the beehives. She also lends her mother a hand with making traditional black bread, drawing water from the well to water the plants and picking the primrose to make herbal tea. There are lots of animals on the farm too. They have some sheep for their wool, a goat for making cheese and of course chickens for a fresh supply of eggs. The family grows almost everything they need! The sheep’s wool is one of the only ways the family has to make money, so they never miss the chance for a sale. There’s an order to fill today, so Rebecca is helping out sharpening the shears, before she heads off to the village with her father to send the wool off to the buyer.