Noggy in Mongolia


Nogui is 13 and lives in the steppes of Mongolia, where almost nothing grows. His parents are nomadic herders. Life is very hard here, and looking after the herds of sheep, goats and horses is a very busy job. The animals are the family’s only source of income. Nogui is already an expert horse rider. He can spend hours on end on the back of his small Mongolian horse. It’s a very hardy and skillful animal, and it comes in handy when it’s time to move the herds. As soon as the herds have grazed the surrounding pastures, the family moves on with them to find new pastures, taking all their belongings with them. In early summer, Nogui and his father collect up all the goats’ fur. They spin it and weave it to make a very special cloth called cashmere. It’s very warm and hardy, and it fetches a very high price.