Netherlands with Lievjine


Lievjine, eleven, lives in Woerden. She is looking for present for her father’s birthday. In Amsterdam, Lievjine loves to admire the tens of kilometers of canals. The copy of an old boat of the East India Company on the canal gives her an idea. She decides to buy a miniature boat at the Maritime Museum for her father. But it’s a bit expensive so she continues her quest for the perfect gift. She and her mother continue their visit along the canal. They arrive at Anne Frank’s house and discover where Anne and her family lived during the war. Lievjine buys a book about her but she still hasn’t found a birthday gift for her Daddy. She decides to look for inspiration in the museum area where the greatest Dutch painters are exhibited. Lievjine and her mother ride their bicycles home through the countryside and stop at a windmill. To admire all the attractions her country has to offer, Lievjine stops in a theme park where all the famous sites are reconstructed in miniature. From the port of Volemdam to the cheese market to a farm, Lievjine has had a wonderful day but she still hasn’t found the perfect gift. She makes a stop in Oudewater, the city of witches. But, it’s in the middle of the Dutch countryside that she finds the ideal present, a bouquet of tulips.