My Southeast Asia - Part 3


We first travel with Dr. Farish along the Chao Praya, to see the giant Buddha statue, Luang Pho To Buddha, protected by a gold parasol. In this episode, Dr. Farish continues his exploration of the significance of the parasol in Southeast Asian culture. Later we visit the royal house in West Sumatra and learn how the king continues to preserve his culture. In Singapore, at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Dr. Farish introduces us to his friend David Henkel and both travel to Kota Bharu to meet Nik Rashidin’s brother. Nik Rashidin was Southeast Asia’s best traditional wood carver and we see how his family continues to keep his heritage alive. And finally a look at wayang kulit (shadow puppet theatre performance) that still thrives in spite of being outlawed by the state government for being un-Islamic.