My Life on the Farm


Life on the farm is often a source of fascination for children. This series invites children to travel the world through an exploration of farms and meet the rural children that share their daily lives with animals. We'll follow them as they go about their different routines. We'll also discover the role that the climate and the natural environment have on life on the farm.

01. Dermot in Australia  02. Amira in Algeria  03. Khan in Vietnam  04. Ebule in Kenya  05. Diogo in Portugal  06. Diana in Romania  07. Nay Aung in Myanmar  08. Andreas in Austria  09. M'Parany in Madagascar  10. Simios in Greece  11. Pauli in South Africa  12. Franco in Argentina  13. Noggy in Mongolia  14. Jake in Texas, USA  15. Leslie in Canada  16. Gilber in Peru  17. Jheny in Bolivia  18. Pepito in Guatemala  19. Fernando in Venezuela  20. Sorcha and Cormac in Ireland  21. Svanborg in Iceland  22. Tor in Denmark  23. Lars in Sweden  24. Inga Liv in Norway  25. Rebeka in Estonia  26. Outi in Finland