My Beautiful House


The first spontaneous drawing of most children is a picture of their house. Their home represents their entire universe! In each episode of this series, a child becomes our guide, showing us around his family's home. Its structure and organization gives us precious insight into each country's way of life (sleeping, eating, cooking, entertaining, playing, washing, decorating...) Our visit will also reveal how family relationships are structured within the house. This series is an open door allowing children to discover the similarities and differences between cultures and people all over the world.

01. My House in Denmark  02. My House in Scotland  03. My House in Cuba  04. My Loft in New York, USA  05. My House in Thailand  06. My Bedouin Tent: Jordan  07. My Indian House: Canada  08. My House in Hong Kong  09. My House in Japan  10. My House on the Ivory Coast  11. My House on a Kibbutz: Israel  12. My House in Indonesia  13. My House in Haiti  14. My House in England  15. My House in Galilee: Israel  16. My House in Korea  17. My House in Quebec, Canada  18. My House in Austria  19. My House in Belgium  20. My House in Connecticut, USA  21. My House in Lebanon  22. My House in Norway  23. My House in Thailand  24. My House in Sweden  25. My House in Habad Village: Israel  26. My House in Louisiana, USA  27. My Palace in Venice  28. My House in Bordeaux, France  29. My House in Athens  30. My House on the Hydra Island: Greece