Music of the Future


In public transport, at home, while exercising or even at the beach, music accompanies us everywhere. It is an integral part of our lives. The powerful entrance of new technologies into the world of music has shaken up the industry and revolutionized our consumer habits. Now digitized, music can be shared with a simple click.

But this revolution is nothing compared to what awaits us because, in 2050, we will be able to compose our own favorite music without even being musicians. New styles and sounds will emerge and all objects around us will become potential musical instruments… Tomorrow, music will be capable of adapting to our moods and offer us much more than just entertainment. So what will music be like in 2050? Will consumers and amateur musicians take on new roles? What will tomorrow’s instruments look like? Will artificial intelligence software and robots replace artists? Will music be more than just entertainment?

This episode will reveal how new technologies will transform music by 2050: new robotic and intelligent instruments, intuitive composition software, virtual artists, collaborative composition and more.

The Dreamers
Bruno Zamborlin, Creator of Mogees, UK
A former researcher at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique-Musique), he has invented a revolutionary device : the Mogees.
His dream : To transform any surface, substance or object into a veritable musical instrument.

Hiroyuki Ito, CEO of Crypton Future Media, Japan
Hiroyuki Ito, a former musician, has developed the concept of “vocaloids” and created the virtual artist named Hatsune Miku. He is convinced that by 2050, we will be able to create new musicians, singers, and virtual artists. They will give concerts and be idolized like stars.
His dream : To design virtual artists.

Thomas Amilien & Jean-Bapt iste Guignard, Founders of CLAY, France
Thomas Amilien, a former conductor, and Jean-Baptiste Guignard, a musician and researcher in cognitive sciences, have invented CLAY in order to manipulate the intangible. For them, we will all be musicians by 2050.
Their dream : To give everyone the ability to become a composer.

Gil Weinberg, Director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, USA
Inventor, musician and professor, Gil Weinberg believes that the music of the future will give rise to a new breed of musicians : robots. They will be capable of improvising and playing any kind of music.
His dream : To make his robots unrivalled composers.

Edward Potokar, Musician and designer, USA
Edward Potokar, the son of musicians, is constantly inventing new musical instruments (woodwinds, percussion, brass, keyboards).
His dream : To create new musical styles using new instruments.

The Experts
Adam Harper,  Musicologist, journalist for The Wire, UK
Tod Machover, Composer & engineer at MIT , USA
DJ Chloé, Musician & writer-composer, France