Morocco with Mohammed-Yassine


Mohamed-Yassin, twelve years old, lives in Marrakech. Today, he is meeting his cousin Youssef who is coming from Rabat for a tour of the city. During a journey in a horse-drawn carriage, Mohamed-Yassin and his cousin admire the ramparts of the imperial city and enter the heart of old Marrakech, the medina. After lunch, the two boys decide to discover the palace of Bahia, one of the most beautiful of the kingdom. Mohamed-Yassin and Youssof then go to explore the souk. From the baboush slipper makers to the leather workers, the cousins are thrilled to admire all the wonderful things in the market. But it’s no time to dally; it’s time for prayer! They must go to the mosque. After having fulfilled their religious duty, they go and listen to the enchanting rhythm of the gnawa on the most famous square in Morocco and watch the snake charmers. In the center of the square, the two boys taste some snails and then join their family for tea. The next day, the parents of Mohamed-Yassin have a surprise for him. Everyone is going on an adventure out of town. After a pause on the top of the casbah houses to look at the scenery, the young boys get ready to eat in a restaurant on a lake. On the menu, tajine, one of Morocco’s specialties!