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Burj Tower in Dubai - the world’s tallest skyscraper.
Bahrain’s F1 Racing International Circuit.
New International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

What do these massive projects in the Middle East have in common? Answer - Asian expertise.

The black gold boom has made ambitious plans for many in the Middle East a reality, especially Asian companies hoping to make a big splash overseas. What are the upcoming projects that they are working on? Who are the big players? The rivalry heats up as these companies go head-to-head to see who can grow bigger and faster in the Middle East.

This six-part series, filmed in HD delves into the region’s business culture to provide insights into the vibrant, ever-changing economic landscape in the Middle East. A different country is explored in each episode - we’ll travel to Middle East countries like Dubai, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain to discover some of the latest projects undertaken by Asian companies. We’ll talk to the brains behind the plans, the contractors and industry insiders to find out which projects have the upper hand in terms of size, strength and business sense. We will also feature interviews with the local Ministries for their take on government policies and initiatives to hasten their countries spectacular growth.

Middle East - Business Kingdom