Madagascar with Ouniassine


Ouniassine is 11 years old. He’s Madagascan and right now he’s on vacation. He’s a real animal lover and this year he’s decided to apply to work as a volunteer at his country’s famous Lemur Park. While he’s waiting for the reply, he heads off with his mother whenever she makes the trip into town. On Sundays, he and his family attend mass and just as soon as it’s over, his father always takes them off for a walk. This time, they’re off to explore the old royal palace and the high plateaus surrounding the capital Antananarivo. The following Monday, the news finally arrives: he’s been accepted as a volunteer, and Ouniassine is in a state of great excitement as he heads off to the Lemur Park for the very first time. Just a few hours after his arrival, he’s already helping out feeding the lemurs: for Ouniassine, it’s a dream come true!