Lucas Saves the Day/Little Lucas/Cheater in the Pack/Mixed Biscuits


Lucas Saves the Day
An Inspector is coming to from City Hall inspect the Day School. If he finds it’s not clean and in good repair and safe for the dogs, he will close it down. All day Rosie and the dogs work hard to make sure the school is in ship shape. Although Lucas tries to help, he keeps making things worse. But in the end when disaster strikes, he’s the one who saves the day.
Theme: Working together

Little Lucas
Lucas wishes he were as big and strong as Koda. But when Lili’s ball gets stuck in a tight spot, only he has paws tiny enough to reach it and push it out. As everyone cheers, Lucas realises that being small isn’t so bad after all.
Theme: Being small isn’t bad at all.

Cheater in the Pack
When Lucas loses game after game he decides to win at hopscotch by cheating. Lucas soon learns that cheating isn`t right, not matter how much you want to win.
Theme: Cheating

Mixed Biscuits
All the dogs have breed names except Pedro who is a mix of many breeds. To his delight, the others hold a ceremony and make up a new breed name for him, Mixed Biscuits – because he loves biscuits so much!
Theme: Consideration