Little Man


Life is not always taught in the classroom. In many countries, children grow up in nature and must first learn how to live in the wild!

This series invites kids to travel the world and discover other lifestyles and ways of growing up. We will follow 8 year-old I-Kwan in Vietnam who learns to ride an elephant, 11 year-old Jay in the Salomon Islands who fishes with a kite, 13 year-old Abderahim in Chad who herds camels and many more.

Each episode features a different child who is initiated by an elder to a special task in which he will have to demonstrate courage and maturity. We’ll visit some extraordinary places across all the continents, discovering how some youngsters deal with fascinating animals: crocodiles, camels, horses, reindeer, boa snakes, bees, otters, elephants, varanus, and eagles.

Embark on the most beautiful stories of bravery and willpower, and follow these little men in the accomplishment of their destiny: to become adults!

Little Man