Lea on the Trail of Gorillas (Kongo)


« Animals love us as we are. They're not racist. » Léa, young explorer in Congo

Léa is 10. She lives in the country and shares her spare time between her passion for nature and her love of animals. She's going to Congo on the trail of the western lowland gorillas, to stay with Rosette who lives in the heart of the primary forest.
Rosette’s father, the warden of the park, will show her how he protects the forest and its animals and how he fights against poaching. Léa’s trip ends in the nature reserve at Lesio-Louna 140 kilometres north of Brazzaville: a sanctuary of 170,000 hectares for gorillas that are victims of poaching. Rosette and Léa will live an exceptional experience: feed two young gorillas and give them their bottle!

Lea on the Trail of Gorillas (Kongo)