Kids, Drugs and Guerillas


Drug-trafficking, arms-dealing and extortion by the FARC guerillas as well as sinister paramilitary groups are having disastrous effects on the civilian population in Columbia. The death-toll is heavy and the traumatic effect on children is devastating.

Imagine a country equivalent to twice the size of France, with some 40 million inhabitants and in which 3,000 people are kidnapped every year and where coca plantation surfaces increase daily.

Added to this is a 20,000 strong guerrilla insurgency that has been active for the past 35 years, financed by illegal narcotics trafficking and extortion and an ever-increasing paramilitary movement implicated in some of the worst massacres the country has witnessed.

This film explores some of the facets of the terrible disease that is wasting away Colombia and spreading towards its immediate neighbours: Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. Even as far away as Eurpoe, the FARC's drug products are showing up in quantity.