Japan with Yuriko


Yuriko is eleven years old. She lives near Tokyo. Today, she is meeting Myo and going to the rake festival, one of the most important religious celebrations in Japan. Jumping on the Shinkansen, the fastest train in the world, Yuriko will discover parts of Japan she doesn’t know. She will pass through Kamakura, the city of the shoguns, and visit the many temples there. On her way back home, she takes a break at the sushi station, a funny restaurant where raw fish is the only thing on the menu. After lunch, back to Tokyo! With her mother, Yuriko goes on an excursion to the imperial palace and then to Harajuku, a popular area where young people like to gather. No day would be complete without a stop at the game center, the temple of video games and electronic gadgets! Yuriko loves video games especially the one in which she walks her virtual puppy dog. But it’s so much better to have a real dog! Yuriko is not allowed one at home, but she sometimes rents a puppy for a few hours.