Jad in Lebanon


Jad is a nine-year-old boy who lives in Lebanon. Elie and he have decided to organise a great big treasure hunt. The prize is a big shoe box full of different kinds of candies ! Jad is very excited : it’s the first time he gets to help his big brother Elie. Together, they decorate the candy box and go hide it in the Almond tree orchard. Next step, make a map and then decide what kind of clues they’ll have to make to help the teams find the treasure. It can’t be too easy but it can’t be too hard either. The winning team will have guessed all of the clues and found the treasure chest first. It takes a few days to think up all of the clues and hide everything properly. Jad and Elie take breaks by playing marbles, hide and go seek, basketball and other fun games, with their friends. These two brothers make a great team and are the two most popular kids in the neighbourhood !