Innocent in Rwanda


For the final exam, Innocent’s professor has asked the students to bring something they have made. But Innocent, who is twelve years old, finds it difficult to think of something original. Usually, Innocent, like all Rwandan children, has no lack of imagination. Indeed, coming back from school, he always invents a new game. With an old tire and two sticks, he gets ready to play ikiziga. A few iron strings and a bit of patience and he can create a toy car. Innocent also likes awele, a society game in Africa and itchoumu, a very old game played with a hulahoop and a javelin. Even though Innocent loves to spend all his days playing, he needs to help sometimes with the household chores. To help with mother, Innocent is often asked to go and get water at the well. There, he meets Theo, the potato deliveryman on his itchugutu; and Innocent has a bright idea. He will make a wooden bicycle too and astonish everyone at school!