Inga Liv in Norway


Farms in Norway are usually very small, and Inga Liv’s is no different. Every square inch of land has to be carved out of the forest. Inga Liv is out helping her father clear a new plot by hand. But there’s another reason she’s come along today: her father has promised her a surprise. So at the moment she’s paying extra special attention as she does her chores. She has to feed the cows and take care of their stables, feed the goats and the sheep, collect the hen’s eggs, take her pony out for air and look after her rabbit. Having so many things to do is not always an easy task! Inga Liv likes cooking as well. Her specialty is making dairy desserts, and the whole family just loves them! The following day, her father takes her to a neighbor’s pig farm. He’d really like to buy one, but is having trouble making a decision all by himself … at least, that’s what he tells her! Sure enough, as soon as they arrive back home, Inga Liv finally discovers her surprise, hidden inside a box: it’s a baby pig, and she’s decided to call it Torild.