India with Tanya


Tanya, twelve, lives in the country of elephants and maharajas. She takes us to see her country in the heart of the Indian countryside. In the Mahatma Gandhi Park, she explains the history of India to us. The next day, after breakfast, Tanya starts her day by doing her shopping. Earrings, a sari, and she is a new girl! But is impossible to take a taxi with all the holy cows blocking the road! A few kilometers from Tanya’s home, is the Sahastradhara temple where Tanya will meet her grandmother for lunch. After lunch, she crosses the bazaar and buys some spices. The streets of the bazaar hide one of the best –kept secrets of the city, the tomb of Ram Rai, the Mongol emperor where many Hindus come every day. She decides to complete her transformation and have her hands painted with henna. She now has to go and encourage her friends who are playing cricket, the Indian national sport. Then, she meets up with her cousins in an animated distract to go to the movies. When the film has ended, it is time to say a quick goodbye and Tanya disappears!