A Heroic Rescue/Share Affair/Silent Lucas/Fish Sees the World


Heroic Rescue
Lois the cat is being particularly annoying and the dogs decide to get back at her by stealing her toy ball. But they soon realize they aren’t being fair and toss it back to her. It lands in a tree and they have to rescue her. She’s grateful and the dogs know they did the right thing.
Theme: Being fair.

Share Affair
Lois discovers a big bowl of delicious berries in the park and keeps this big news to herself. She keeps sneaking off to eat a mouthful on her own instead of sharing with the others. When they discover what she’s up to, they teach her a lesson, but it’s one she’s quite happy to learn.
Theme: Sharing.

Silent Lucas
Lucas has a sore throat and can’t bark or ‘talk’. Together the dogs devise a clever game of charades in order to communicate with him. This comes in very handy when Lucas discovers Lois threatening Fish and runs to get help.

Fish Sees the World
Lucas feels bad that Fish is always inside can never go to the park or back yard with everyone. He tries to bring Fish outside but when that doesn’t work he finds a way to bring the world to Fish.
Theme: Considering others