Going, Going, Gone (Tsukiji Fish Market)


Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market is the biggest wholesale fish market in the world. 100 000 people can be found everyday amongst its 850 stalls. Its name is in every single tourist guide book as a the must-see place to visit. What is the appeal of this market to millions of tourists from around the world?

With a history dating back hundreds of years and the markets sheer quantity of transactions (50,000 tons of fish traded every year and hundreds of millions of dollars exchanging hands) the phenomenon attracts people from all over the world, particularily during the tuna auction which begins every morning except Sundays at 5:30 am. In fact, the market has grown so famous that Tsukiji market management has had to impose strict rules and regulations on camera crews and tourists.

GOING, GOING, GONE is an exclusive insight into the market with never-before-filmed sequences showing the unique skills of the fishmongers and the myriad varieties of seafood available.

Going, Going, Gone (Tsukiji Fish Market)