Gibi (Cameroon) & Ramgapal (India)


Gibi: He is eleven years old and lives in a small village in Cameroon, lost in the middle of the African savana. This year, part of the cotton crop burned, and his family doesn’t have enough money to send him to school. For GIBI’s father, the only way to buy everything GIBI needs is to capture a python and sell its skin. In the end, GIBI will be able to go to school because they have finally caught a magnificent python that the family will sell in the market.

Ramgapal: He lives in the Sunderbans, in India, and is the son of an otter fisherman. Otters are wild animals, but once tamed, they are very obedient and help fishermen bring fish into their nets. For the first time, RAMGAPAL accompanies his father far from their village for several months. He wants to teach him a traditional way of fishing practiced by his family for five generations. He hopes that this way, RAMGAPAL will choose to take over the boat and one day become an otter fisherman like himself.