Freewheeling Through Asia


'You can dream of travels to foreign lands and you can make your dream come true...''. This is exactly what Claire and Marc did, made their dreams come true. The two of them decided to pull-up stakes and spend a year crossing Asia on their bicycles - from Istanbul to Bangkok, via Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, China, Vietnam - seeing with their own eyes what they knew from pictures.

They left behind family and friends, sacrificed their jobs and exchanged all modern conveniences against the less comfortable leather saddles of their bikes and four saddle bags that held all their belongings.

"As modern-day nomads, we kept a different pace... slowing-down was permitted! Two mad people on bicycles created a lot of curiosity and led to many encounters with the local population. These chance meetings became the motor that kept us going..."

Claire and Marc had a third passenger on board, or rather in their saddle bags: a film camera, the privileged observer of their adventure...