Estonia with Marie


Marie is Estonian and lives in the capital, Tallinn. She’s downtown hunting for a birthday present for her mother. Marie loves the old monuments and churches and she just can’t help taking a detour to have a look around. What with the marzipan factory, bookstores, marketplace, and chocolate stores, the city’s full of distractions and Marie has a hard time staying focused on the task at hand. She finally decides that a box of chocolates would be just the thing to bring a smile to her mother’s face. The birthday celebrations continue through the following day as the whole family takes a walk along the Baltic coast to an open-air museum. It’s a great opportunity to discover how their forebears used to live, and just the spot for a picnic. It’s something Marie simply adores. Come afternoon, it’s time to head back to Tallinn; Marie is a member of the school choir and they’re about to participate in a very important ceremony. When she’s finished, her mother has a surprise in store for her: a night out at the opera house to see a ballet, with dinner in town to boot! Marie is in seventh heaven!