In 2008, Nancy Boluc, director of the Jacques-Cartier National Park decided to conduct a real encounter between the first nations of Quebec because despite their 400 year old “common” history, they did not really know each other. This project now takes place each year and allows young Aboriginal and non-natives to discover their territory and most importantly, to learn more about themselves.

During the summer solstice, a group of young Aboriginals from the Innu and Huron nations and young Quebecers travel the Jesuits' ancestral trail, 310 km of land and water which links Lac Saint-Jean and Quebec City. Some embark on the journey to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, others for a unique experience with nature or as a personal challenge. One thing is certain, throughout this twenty-one day adventure, they must learn to know themselves better and move beyond prejudice. From laughter to silence, with stories and moments of introspection, a simple encounter turns into a profound learning experience