Emotion and Pain: Understanding Self-Injury


EMOTION AND PAIN: UNDERSTANDING SELF-INJURY is a compelling and in-depth look at the phenomenon of "cutting", a disorder whereby people harm themselves to relieve stress from abuse, trauma, and other unmanageable emotions.

Though the majority of sufferers are women, millions of people throughout the world cut themselves to feel some control over their lives.

Recently, a number of celebrities have come forward about their own struggles with self-injury. Given the growing amount of attention paid to the subject by the popular media and the medical community, Hourglass presents a film that demystifies this largely misunderstood disorder and encourages those suffering to seek help.

In addition, insight and commentary are provided throughout the film by Dr. Wendy Lader and Karen Conterio, founders of the unique and groundbreaking S.A.F.E. Alternatives treatment center for self-injurers.

This film is intended to help aide both sufferers and supporters in dealing with this disorder. Ultimately, the main goal is to encourage self-injurers to receive treatment for a hopeful future.”