Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has come of age. Its use and benefits well documented and accepted. However, while terms of TCM are familiar to most people, the principles, treatment and diagnosis are still a mystery even for those who swear by TCM as a form of treatment or health preservation.

How do Chinese physicians know what’s wrong with you just by looking at your tongue? How do they differentiate illnesses, and prescribe the right herbal remedy or medication to suit your condition? Do you know that they size you up the minute you walk into the room, and have a pretty good idea of your constitution by the time you sit down?

This series explores in depth, profound concepts and principles of TCM in order to aid understanding of TCM as a form of treatment and well-being. Comprehensive and laced with anecdotes and fascinating stories of how certain ideas and forces are incorporated into TCM, you will be left amazed by its origin and the depth of thinking and its applications.

Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine