Edik (Siberia) & Urgan (North India)


Edik: He lives in Russia, beyond the Arctic Circle. He is a Nenet, the last nomadic reindeer breeders on earth. EDIK is 14 years old and his family owns over 4000 reindeer. His father, Guéna wants him to begin the difficult apprenticeship of his ancestral profession, a reindeer breeder. During his apprenticeship, EDIK must first learn to capture a reindeer with a lasso and to protect them from wolves for an entire night. His last mission is to go out alone, into the great desert of ice and find part of the reindeer herd that disapppeared during a storm.

Urgan: He is 9 years old. He lives with his family in the north of the Himalayas, in the village of Tangyer, a small isolated village at 3800 meters. Since URGAN is the youngest of his family, he must follow an old Buddhist tradition to become a monk. In January, URGAN leaves his family accompanied by his 19 year-old cousin Norbu to reach a monastery located at 5000 meters. Together they will travel for a few days across the mountains and make many surprising and spiritual encounters.