Easter Bunny Dragon


Easter time has rolled around again, and this year it’s Dragon’s turn to dress up like the Easter Bunny and hide the candy eggs. Dragon is thrilled when Alligator hands him the official Bunny ears (along with the basket full of eggs), and we see a quick flashback glimpse of Alligator, Beaver, Mailmouse and Ostrich each wearing the ears in previous years. Dragon promises he’ll exercise all his willpower and not eat the eggs and decides to disguise them as cat toys so he won’t even be tempted. His pals all arrive with their empty baskets and head out on their hunt. A few hours later they’re all quite frustrated – they haven’t found a single egg! Dragon would love to help his friends find the eggs, but the problem is, Dragon has hidden them so well even HE can’t find them. He goes in the kitchen to fix a quick snack and realizes Cat had found what she thought were cat toys but were in fact Easter eggs. Now Dragon takes back all the eggs, re-hides them and the friends can all get back to their Easter egg hunt!