Dragon Solves a Mystery


Dragon is in his yard when he spots some footprints on the ground. He decides to solve the mystery of the unknown footprints. He follows them in a circle until they lead right back to where he was standing. He realizes they are his! Mailmouse arrives and Dragon notices that her bag looks heavy. He offers to solve the mystery of why it’s heavier than usual. He goes through the mail sack and finds her lunch. That’s why the sack is so heavy. He solved the mystery and even helps Mailmouse out by eating her lunch so her sack will be lighter. Then, Dragon calls Ostrich to see if she has any mysteries that need solving. There's no answer. A missing Ostrich sure is a mystery! Dragon looks everywhere for clues in Ostrich’s store and finally finds one! Ostrich's cape is under her chair pillow! He takes the cape with him and goes to see Alligator. Alligator says he hasn’t seen Ostrich anywhere. Dragon heads back home only to find Ostrich waiting for him in his living room! She needs Dragon’s help because she’s lost her cape! And since he is the one that has her cape… well, that’s another mystery solved!