Dragon's Wagon


Dragon is very pleased with his new wagon. He heads out to offer his assistance to his pals. First he asks Mailmouse if she’d like to use his wagon to haul her mail. She’s grateful, but she’s fine carrying it herself. Dragon then heads over to Beaver’s place and offers to use his new wagon to move some wood. But Beaver does not need any help either. Dragon asks Ostrich if she’d like to use his new wagon to move things in the store but nothing needs to be moved. Finally, Dragon asks Alligator if he would like to use the wagon to move his bongos. But he has to agree, they are fine where they are. Dragon’s a bit disappointed. Then Mailmouse drops by with a large package she would like Dragon to deliver to Ostrich in his wagon. Then Beaver hurries up with a broom to deliver to Ostrich. A few steps later Alligator hurries up with a pie he would like Dragon to take to Ostrich. Dragon has to use all his energy. He finally arrives at Ostrich’s place, completely spent. Ostrich has a great idea on how she could use Dragon’s wagon; and Ostrich pulls Dragon home! It was a very good idea to get a new wagon!