Dragon's Valentine's Day


It 's Valentine's Day and Dragon has decided to do something very special for his friends. He was going to bake each one of them a yummy Valentine's Day cookie. The smell of the baking cookies is so yummy ....Dragon can't think about anything else...but the cookies aren't for him, they're meant to be presents, so he decides to wait upstairs in his bedroom, where he won't be able to smell the baking cookies. But the yummy smell gets upstairs. Dragon tries stuffing his blanket under the door, he opens the window, then he covers his nostrils. When the cookies are ready, he tries to make equal piles of cookies for each of his friends...but all the cookies aren't exactly the same size and shape, it wouldn't be fair...so he eats the cookies that aren't good to give as presents - and somehow ends up eating all the cookies! Later on Dragon waits by his mailbox hoping he might get a Valentine's Day card or two. The day before he'd mailed cards to all his friends. Mailmouse strolls up and hands him three cards, then Mailmouse announces that she has something a bit different for him from Ostrich, a singing telegram! So Mailmouse clears her throat and begins to sing. Dragon likes the singing telegram so much he asks Mailmouse to come into his house to sing the telegram again and again. Dragon even works up a little dance to go with the singing telegram. Dragon's friends had sent him very nice Valentine's Day Card and Dragon had sent them each a very nice card too, but he wants to do something really special ....he tried to bake cookies...but that didn't quite work out, he tried writing poems...but finding words that rhymed with all his friend's names was really too difficult...finally he finds the perfect way to show his friends how much loves them...he shapes a big heart in his backyard made with his best rocks and fills the heart with lots of red spring flowers.