Dragon's Toboggan


Dragon wakes up to discover it’s snowed overnight. It’s a perfect day for tobogganing! He hurries back into the house to get his toboggan…and then realizes he doesn’t have a toboggan. He figures all he needs to do is find something that he can use as a toboggan. He tries sliding on his sofa, his wagon, his frying pan, on a big book, even on a big frozen pizza! Finally, he spots the solution: a drawer from his bedroom chest! Dragon heads off with his ‘toboggan.’ He finds a nice slope and heads to the top and then slides down the hill. Dragon’s having such a good time his screaming and laughter catches his friends’ attention. They join Dragon on the hill. The pals don’t have toboggans either, but Mailmouse discovers that her mail bag makes a great sled, Beaver sits on a garbage can lid, Ostrich ties a couple of brooms to her feet to use as skis and Alligator uses his skateboard, turned upside down. The pals have a splendid time with their improvised winter gizmos, and cap things off with a steaming cup of cocoa back at Dragon’s place.