Dragon's Special Day


One day Dragon realizes there are lots of special days during the year. Special days for bunnies, pumpkins, hearts, mom and dads...but no special day for Dragons. So he decides to invent one. First he creates Dragon's Day treats. Then he composes a Dragon's Day song and dance. Dragon thinks about what happens on specials days...like getting presents, special ceremonies...lots of special things going on. He decides Dragon's Day needs to be celebrated with friends so he makes a batch of nice Dragon's Day cards and sends them to his pals. Soon it's evening: Dragon's Day Eve! Dragon can hardly wait til tomorrow, he is very very excited. Because it's Dragon's Day eve, Dragon flips though the book he'd made for himself that afternoon and he reads it over and over again... Finally morning comes and Dragon jumps out of bed and dances around excitedly "Dragon's Day, -It's Dragon's Day. " He searches the living room and finds the presents he'd hidden there. Meanwhile all his friends have received their Dragon's Day Party invitations and come to Dragon's house to celebrate this Special Day.