Dragon's Snuffy Day


One day Dragon has the noisy sneezy snuffles and decides he's going to take care of himself by spending the day on his sofa. He organizes his living room to be the perfect recovery room. Then Mailmouse arrives to see how he's doing and shoos him out the living room and tucks him into bed. Just then Ostrich arrives. She's heard that Dragon has the snuffles and she is there to help, so she convinces Dragon he shouldn't be lying in bed - he should be outside in the fresh air. Dragon stands outside very confused. Ostrich hurries off and a moment later Mailmouse returns. She shakes her head and points Dragon back to the house. Then, suddenly, Ostrich returns. Mailmouse and Ostrich start arguing about the best way to cure a cold Meanwhile Dragon decides to sleep outside - that way he's both in bed and getting fresh air. After a long day fighting the snuffles, Dragon realizes his sneezing and sniffles are finally gone. Now Cat and Dragon would have a nice quiet night...Dragon lies back, closes his eyes, and Hiccups.