Dragon's Grumpy Pal


Alligator comes to Dragon with a bad mood problem. Dragon is intrigued; he’s NEVER seen Alligator in a bad mood. Dragon gets to work, trying to cheer up his pal. He points out all the sunny happy things around Alligator, tells him his favourite joke. Sings a song, does a puppet show. Nothing works. Dragon gets Alligator to play his bongos, dance, and make a funny noise. Still nothing! Dragon has an idea. “I’ll pretend to be grumpy and you try to cheer me up!” Dragon figures this might trigger something in Alligator. Alligator does a few wacky things that immediately have Dragon happily giggling – but have no effect on Alligator. Dragon’s stumped. He tried, but Alligator’s grumpy mood seems to be here to stay. Dragon says they should have lunch and maybe try again afterwards. Alligator nods – lunch is a great idea, because he was so busy doing his chores in the morning he didn’t have time to have breakfast “No wonder you’re grumpy – you haven’t eaten a thing!” Alligator quickly swallows a tasty lunch, and his mood is transformed. Dragon has saved the day.