Dragon's Fall Collection


It's fall. A lovely leafs flutters down and lands at Dragon's feet. He picks it up, decides it's very lovely indeed, and decides to take it home. He displays his leaf proudly.. He decides to collect colourful leaves. Being fall - he's got lots to choose from. Soon, his pals have heard he's collecting leaves now, and they start showing up with fistfuls, baskets, wheelbarrows of them!! Soon Dragon's house is overwhelmed by leaves - they're everywhere. Dragon realizes he's going to have to put an end to this collecting business and decides the best way is to somehow make the trees stop dropping them in the first place! He heads out to the woods - and discovers every tree is bare... except for one, which has a solitary leaf dangling from a branch, just waiting to drop. Dragon ties it in place. Ahhh, there now, he doesn't have to worry about people bringing him leaves anymore.