Dragon's Christmas Hats/Dragon's Upside Down House


Dragon's Christmas Hats: It’s almost Christmas, and Dragon has a fun idea. “We each write our name on a piece of paper, and put it in hat. Then, we each pull out a name, and that's who we secretly get a Christmas present for!” His friends think that’s a great idea. With just one friend to get a present for, they can really think about getting the best present ever! They reach into the hat, and pull out names. Dragon gets Ostrich. Beaver gets Mailmouse. Ostrich gets Alligator. Mailmouse gets Beaver. And Alligator gets Dragon. Dragon reminds his friends, “Don't tell anyone who you're getting a present for. We want it to be a big surprise!” Then Dragon and his friends all hurry off to secretly find that one perfect present. Ostrich goes back to her store and looks at her selection of hats, thinking Alligator might like one. Dragon, wondering what Ostrich might want for Christmas, peeks in the window – to see if he can tell if there’s something in her store she wishes she had. He sees her trying on a sporty wool hat. To herself, “Oooh, this is a very nice hat. It would look great on Alligator.” Then, with a happy shout, “It looks great on me!” Dragon only hears the last part, and hurries home to knit Ostrich a nice wooly hat. Dragon is almost out of wool, so he borrows some from Mailmouse – without telling her what he’s making. She’s been wondering what to get Beaver, and the wool makes her think maybe Beaver would like a hat. Except… she doesn’t know his hat size, so she heads off to find out what size he takes – without him guessing what she’s up to. Mailmouse playfully tells Beaver she thinks he’d be very good at delivering the mail, and plunks her hat on his head. It looks quite silly. “Need a much bigger hat than that... least twice as big, yup.” Now Mailmouse knows what size hat Beaver needs, and she hurries off. Beaver, who’d been wondering what to get Mailmouse, thinks about the hat he’s just tried on. “Seemed kinda thin, for winter wearin'. I think Mailmouse needs a nice thick wool hat!” Meanwhile, Dragon’s almost finished knitting Ostrich’s hat – but he isn’t sure he’s made it thick enough to keep her head nice and warm. He decides to go outside and see how cold his head feels. Alligator, who’s been wondering what to get Dragon, sees him standing outside in the cold, shivering just a bit – and decides what Dragon really needs for Christmas is a nice warm wooly hat. Soon, the friends have all gotten their special recipient a present – a hat – and can’t wait to see how surprised everyone will be! Christmas eve, they gather at Dragon’s house, sipping steaming mugs of hot chocolate and singing carols. Then, when they can’t wait any longer, they decide it’s time to open their presents. They tear off the wrapping paper to discover they’ve all gotten a nice new wool hat! Plus, there’s just enough wool left over to make Cat a nice new hat, too. “This was a great idea, Dragon. We all got just the right thing!” And then they notice… there’s still one big box under the tree. Dragon’s surprised – he hadn’t put anything else under there. They look at the label – it’s for all of them, but it doesn’t say from whom. They tear open the box to find five wool scarves, each perfectly matching a hat. There’s even a tiny little scarf for Cat. Dragon thinks, then, “I know who must have brought us the scarves... Santa!” ...And Dragon and his friends have a very merry Christmas, filled with laughter and love and joy... thankful for each other... and their nice new toasty hats and scarves...

Dragon's Upside Down House:One day Dragon wakes up feeling very hungry. He wishes his breakfast was there in the room with him, and not far away in the kitchen. He moves his bed down to the kitchen, so he’ll be able to eat breakfast as soon as he gets up each morning. There’s only one problem. Now his kitchen is very crowded – so he moves his kitchen table and chairs into the living room. “Now my house works so much better!” Except… when his phone rings, he can’t get to it. He realizes his new arrangement isn’t perfect. He decides to move the sofa and lamp. He can’t put them in the kitchen – because his bed’s in there. Then he remembers he has lots of space in his bedroom now – and hauls the sofa and lamp upstairs. That problem solved, he can finally eat. After enjoying breakfast Dragon decides to sit on the sofa and read his new comic book. His sofa’s in the bedroom, so he heads upstairs. Once upstairs he decides he’d like a nice cold glass of milk – but the kitchen’s very far away now. Dragon doesn't want to go downstairs every time he’s reading a comic book and needs a glass of milk – so he moves his refrigerator upstairs to his bedroom. His house really is working so much better now! After enjoying his comic book Dragon decides to have a little nap – but his bed’s in the living room, so he heads back downstairs. He happily settles into bed – except, his kitchen faucet is dripping – making it hard for him to sleep. He tries to move the sink – but that’s too hard. “I’ll just have a nap on my sofa then.” He heads upstairs and flops down on the sofa. But the hum of the refrigerator now in his bedroom makes it hard for him to sleep. So Dragon has a nap on his kitchen table, in the living room. That works out well, because his living room is nice and quiet – although the table’s very hard. When Dragon wakes up, he decides to make himself a nice hot lunch. Then he realizes. His refrigerator’s in his bedroom and his bed’s in his kitchen – and it’s not safe to have your bed near a stove! Dragon thinks maybe his house worked better before he changed everything and moves all his furniture back to where it was. He does move Cat’s bed a little closer to the kitchen, though. It took him all day, but Dragon really has made his house work better!