Dragon's Carrot


Dragon has just finished looking at a picture book about farming and decides he and his pals should all grow vegetables, so they can have a big fall feast. Everyone eagerly embraces the challenge. Beaver continues on growing his squash plant. Alligator decides to plant potatoes. Ostrich opts to cultivate a fine stand of corn. Mailmouse decides to grow a nice batch of Brussels sprouts. Dragon decides he wants to grow a carrot. He carefully makes a little garden – and plants one carrot seed. Soon, summer is over and Dragon’s pals arrive with lots and lots of tasty veggies and get the table all set. Dragon proudly strolls over to his garden and with great fanfare he yanks---POP! Out it comes – the tiniest carrot you’ve ever seen. Dragon’s a bit surprised, but he washes it and brings it to the table. He slices the carrot into five pieces – just enough for each of them to have a taste. Everyone agrees – it’s a very tasty taste of a carrot. Dragon is delighted. It wasn’t much – but he grew it himself! They then tuck into their feast (and Dragon decides maybe he’ll plant more than one seed next year)