Dragon's Big Itch


Dragon’s got a little itch in his back. He tries to give it a scratch – but it’s just out of reach. He tries different ways to make the itch go away but without success. Mailmouse passes by and offers to give his back a vigorous scratch. Then Dragon goes to see Alligator, who’s happy to scratch Dragon’s back… except… all this scratching is making HIS back itchy. The two take turns scratching each other’s backs. Then Dragon happily heads off to Beaver, who quickly constructs a Rube Goldberg-esque device that will scratch Dragon’s back for hours, except… Beaver gets very tuckered out turning the crank and he has to stop. Dragon finally calls Ostrich. She tickles Dragon’s back with one of her feathers. His back is not itchy anymore; because now he is too busy sneezing to worry about it! He’s impressed by Ostrich’s solution. He is a very lucky Dragon to have such helpful friends! ACHOOOOOOOOO!!!