Dragon Learns to Skate/Dragon's Tricks and Treat


Dragon Learns to Skate: One very slippery and icy day Dragon is in his yard when he slips and falls on his bum. Mailmouse passes by and sees Dragon slipping and sliding away. She points out that his yard is so icy, he should put on skates! But Dragon has never ice-skated before. So he goes to Ostrich’s and buys some skates and a helmet. Back home he laces up the skates, dons his helmet, hops on the ice… and immediately lands on his bum. He tries again and lands on his bum again. After a few days of practice (with a little help from a chair), Dragon discovers he’s now a pretty good skater – and invites his pals over for their first ever skating party/hockey game. They have a wonderful time playing shinny, falling down, cracking the whip and taking hot chocolate breaks.

Dragon's Tricks and Treat: It’s Halloween again, and Dragon wants to make this the best Halloween ever. First, he decorates his house with cut-out bats and ooky spider’s webs made from string. Then, he gets to work carving his pumpkin. He gets a little carried away and rather than having two ears, a nose and a mouth, his pumpkin just has one big hole in its side. Dragon saves the day by using two oranges plunked atop the pumpkin as its eyes – making a very spooky pumpkin indeed! When it’s time to go trick or treating Dragon is determined to dress up in a costume that will fool all his friends. First, he sticks oven mitts in a headband and pretends to be a moose – but Alligator quickly guesses it’s Dragon. Next, he dresses up as Beaver – but Ostrich quickly realizes it’s Dragon dressing as Beaver – since if it was Beaver, Beaver would be in a costume – dressed as something else! Dragon then ties some pillows to himself, pretending to be a cloud, but Beaver can tell it’s Dragon – mostly because you don’t see a lot of blue clouds with tails out there. Determined to come up with a great costume, Dragon has a sudden inspiration. He paints a large cardboard box yellow, pulls it around himself, and pretends to be a banana! When his friends come over for their Halloween party, they pretend they have no idea where Dragon is, and wonder who the banana is. Dragon is so delighted to have ‘fooled’ his friends he has to tell them, “It’s me!!” Dragon happily sighs - this really has been the best Halloween ever. Even if his friends really did know it was Dragon all along...