Dragon Helps Beaver


Beaver is fixing Dragon’s sink when he accidentally pinches his pinky. His finger’s not really injured… just a bit sore… Dragon puts a big bandage on Beaver’s finger and offers to help Beaver out. Beaver, of course, gladly accepts the offer. He was supposed to tell Dragon what to do, but soon enough, he went to take a nap in the living room, leaving Dragon with his intuition to repair his sink… Dragon is quite pleased with his job. He’s eager to try more and while Beaver is still sleeping, Dragon decides to go ahead with the other jobs Beaver was supposed to do that day. Dragon is delighted to be able to help his friend, and gets cracking. Only problem is, Dragon is Dragon and tends to do things his way (meaning, he generally makes things worse). Soon, Beaver is having to redo all the work Dragon has done Now not only is Beaver doing the work he’d been lazily putting off, he’s having to do extra – all because he was too willing to let Dragon do all his chores for him. Dragon is thrilled that he was such a good helper… and Beaver’s learned a pretty good lesson.