Dragon Goes Camping


Dragon is very excited because today he’s going camping with Alligator. They set off to find the perfect camping spot. First stop, the forest. Now they really will sleep under the stars and enjoy the call of the wild, the twittering of the birds, the creaky trees, the croaky frogs. Gosh, this perfect spot is perfectly noisy. The campers decide to search for another perfect camping spot. They find it in the middle of a meadow. It’s quiet. But then, the wind begins to blow. Perhaps the meadow isn’t as perfect as they thought it would be, at least not on a windy day. They pack everything back, and head off to Ostrich’s store. It’s quiet and warm and not windy at all, but something still is missing. The stars above their heads… Next stop, Beaver’s yard. Alligator plays his bongos as Dragon sings their campers’ song. Beaver dashes out, grumbling. This campground is for quiet campers only. So Dragon and Alligator set out to find the next perfect camping spot. And there it is. Alligator’s place! A place where they can eat, sleep and make all the noise they want – right under the stars!