Dragon Goes Apple Picking


Dragon goes out to the apple tree in his yard and starts gathering apples for his friends. He wonders if an apple of a different colour or an apple with a worm hole tastes as good as all other apples. Since there is only one way to find out, he eats the first two apples he picks. Then Dragon realizes that there are only four apples left on the tree. Dragon knows he can’t eat anymore, because he needs all four - one for Mailmouse, one for Beaver, one for Ostrich and one for Alligator. Dragon easily picks three apples but is dismayed to find he can’t reach the fourth – it’s too far out of reach. So he tries many ways to make it fall. While Dragon is fussing over the apple, Ostrich comes into his yard, sees the apple and Dragon and assumes that Dragon is in trouble and needs rescuing. This misunderstanding ends up with the apple finally falling into Dragon’s basket. Now Dragon has his four apples and can share them with all his friends.