Dragon Gets Interrupted


Dragon sits down in his chair with his new book. He can't wait to see what happens at the end of the story. Just as he cracks open the book, the doorbell rings. It’s Ostrich. She’s working on a new super-hero call and would like to have Dragon’s opinion. When she’s done, Dragon rushes back inside to finish the book. The phone rings. It's Beaver, he needs Dragon to come over and help him test his back-scratching machine. Beaver finally stops the experiment. Dragon goes back home, starts to read again. That's when he hears someone calling out his name. It’s Mailmouse. She needs help with a sticky stamp problem. Then Alligator passes by for a glass of water to cure his hiccups. Then it’s Ostrich who comes back with another call, and then the phone rings again. Dragon finally explains he is willing to help all of them but first, he has to finish something. Cut to: Dragon reading aloud the last few lines of his book to his pals. They think the ending is so great, that they ask him to start reading the book from the beginning.