Dragon's Spring Celebration


One day Dragon wakes up and is delighted to see it’s finally sunny and warm outside. It’s the first day of spring and he and his pal Alligator can’t wait to play all those games they’ve been dreaming about all winter. Dragon grabs a couple of sacks; they jump into those and laboriously hop along - having a sack race. Mailmouse arrives, and decides that she’ll be the race referee. They have a great time. Then, Beaver happens along. He’s glad it’s spring, and he’d like to play, but something a little less energetic. He suggests hide and seek; that way he can find a nice spot and just sit there. Dragon’s easy to find because he always giggles when he hides, and Beaver is the easiest one to find - you just follow the sound of his snoring. Soon, all five pals are celebrating the arrival of spring: playing a rousing game of Croquet, with Ostrich’s legs serving as the wickets. The friends are very excited the warm weather has finally arrived, and that there are so many fun things to do outdoors, with their best pals…