Dragon Runs the Store


Ostrich is feeling all sneezy and snorfly and yucky, so she won’t be able to open her store. Dragon, wanting to be helpful, tells her he’ll happily run the store for her while she’s at home getting better. His first customer is Mailmouse. She’s wants a new pen. Dragon insists on gift-wrapping it for her and realizes it’s trickier than he thought! Since business is a little slow, he decides to play with the hats that were always getting is Ostrich’s way. When Alligator, Mailmouse and Beaver all see how much fun Dragon has, disguised in the hats, they all decide to buy one. Ostrich arrives to see how things are going. Dragon sheepishly explains that he sold every hat. Ostrich is thrilled – she wasn’t sure how she was going to sell those hats with no way to display them, but Dragon found a way!