Doggy Day School

  • Product code : A61-S23
  • Category(ies) : Animation +
  • Level(s) : Pre-K-K +, Elem. (ages 6-7) +
  • Duration : 13 x 44 min.
  • Production year : 2009-2011
  • Director(s) : Stéphane Leblanc & Marcelo de Moura
  • Producer(s) : Radar Cinema e Televisao Ltda & 4469101 Canada Inc.
  • Version(s) : French +


From the Emmy Award nominated Brazilian production Radar Cinema e Televisao , the Canadian producer of Dragon, Cité Amérique and the creator of Franny's Feet, Cathy Moss, comes this brand new animation series set in a daycare center inhabited, unusually, by dogs of all breeds and characters!

Every morning the dogs' busy owners drop them off at daycare and every evening they return to pick them up. In between, the dogs spend their time playing together, learning about each other and the world around them, and getting in - and out - of merry mischief.

Through the guise of animated dogs, this series teaches children that we live in a multi-cultural world where respecting differences and accepting others and ourselves is not just polite etiquette but a necessity. Doggy Day School is designed to encourage children to have a view of the world where diversity is something to be celebrated.

Some of the themes explored in the series: Making someone feel good, learning to cooperate, friendships and distractions help others feel better, telling the truth, cleaning up and respecting others, showing kindness….

01. Pig Deal/Small Is Beautiful/Sports Day/Do the Itch  02. Super Koda/Diamond Lil/Hidden Talent/Pedro's Secret  03. Oodles for Poodles/Food for Thought/Bath Time/Koda and the Three Bears  04. Cone Head/Magic Lamp/Best in Show/Patience Lucas  05. Bossy Boots/Rosie's Gift/The Runaround/Something's Fishy  06. Zippy the Turtle/Good Enough/My First Day/Let's Get Ready  07. Dogs with Jobs/Visit to the Vet/Pedro's Faux Pas/The Misunderstanding  08. Star Trouble/A Sorry Story/Detective Dogs/Substitute Rosie  09. Robot Dog/Giggly Pig/Unfair Trade/Pedro's Pretend  10. Cat on the Mat/Too Hot to Trot/Pirate Vlad/Where's Rosie's Hat  11. A Heroic Rescue/Share Affair/Silent Lucas/Fish Sees the World  12. Lucas Saves the Day/Little Lucas/Cheater in the Pack/Mixed Biscuits  13. Carnival/Home for Hank/Lili & Lulu/A Big Change

Doggy Day School