Dian in Indonesia


Dian is a twelve-year-old boy living in Imogiri, a little village in Indonesia. Dian has a knack for making batik fabric with his father, a traditional art of painting and decorating cotton fabrics. Dian’s father is the chief artisan of the village so Dian has the best teacher and hopes some day to take over the family business. But right now he has another dream : to sell his batik fabric in the market and make enough money to go to the Buddhist temple of Burubudur. Dian shows us all of the steps for making batik, from start to finish. It is quite complex but he has a natural ability that his dad cannot deny. It takes several days to complete all of the stages and Dian takes advantage of the various drying times of the fabric to play Indonesia’s national sport : Badminton ! And then there’s always kite flying or just goofing off with his friends. There’s never a dull moment with Dian, whether he’s off with his friends or making beautiful fabric, there’s always time for fun !